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GRIPPED “Killer Pillar” Movie Trailer

Check out the trailer for the forthcoming rock climbing survival film, "Gripped" by Oceanic Productions. Set high in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California, it follows gym...

Margo Hayes Sends Biographie (9a+/5.15a)

Watch Margo Hayes as she sends Chris Sharma's iconic Biographie aka Realization (9a+/5.15a) at Ceuse, France on September 24th 2017. This unedited footage was shot by...
Matt Bush Free Soloing on Table Mountainvideo

Matt Bush Free Soloing on Table Mountain

From one-armed dangling to upside down bat hangs over the edge of cliffs, South Africa's world class free soloist Matt Bush scales the sheer rock faces without...

The World’s Best Belayer

Meet Ray Verseau, he is widely known by many climbers as the world’s best belayer. For him, belaying is not simply an extracurricular activity, but a way...

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