If you missed the 2019 IFSC Boulder World Cup in Munich, Germany, well, don’t worry! Watch the highlights in the video above.

If you can’t wait, we have the results of the top 6 Men’s and Women’s bouldering rank below:

Women’s Bouldering:
1) Janja GARNBRET (Slovenia)
2) Fanny GIBERT (France)
3) Mia KRAMPL (Slovenia)
4) Julia CHANOURDIE (France)
5) Ievgeniia KAZBEKOVA (Ukraine)
6) Katja KADIC (Slovenia)

Men’s Bouldering:
1) Jakob SCHUBERT (Austria)
2) Adam ONDRA (Czech)
3) Jan HOJER (Germany)
4) Aleksey RUBTSOV (Russia)
5) Anze PEHARC (Slovenia)
6) Jongwon CHON (Korea)

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